sealing pontoon floor hole

Tuff Stuff Pontoon Boat - YouTube 30 Mar 2011 . This is an application of Seahawk Tuff Stuff on a Aluminum Pontoon Boat. Further information is available on-line at

To paint or Not to paint that is the ? | Boat Design Net I'm re-decking a 24" pontoon boat with 3/4" marine grade AB. . needs work, coat it with epoxy and take care to also seal all the fastener holes.

Sealing hole around wires/rigging Page: 1 - iboats Boating Forums . I recently bought a pontoon, and under the console the PO cut a 2"-3" hole in the deck for wiring and steering controls. Does everyone else.

Fiberglassing The Deck - YouTube 9 Feb 2011 . Some video of fiberglassing the deck on our 1967 AstroMarine . the old fiberglass on the floor for extra strength and seal the edge of the ply?.

How to Repair a Damaged Pontoon | Gone Outdoors | Your . Pontoon boats maintain their buoyancy by means of air-filled aluminum pontoons placed beneath the deck. . If they're too small, the rivets won't go all the way through the patch and into the pontoon; and if they're too large, they won't provide a good seal. . Mark where the rivet holes in the patch line up with the pontoon.

The Pros and Cons of Popular Pontoon Boat Decking Materials and . 30 Jun 2017 . Pontoon boat decking gives you so many choices: sizes, materials, covering. . Before the bolt is inserted, a hole has to be pre-drilled for the bolt. . When the screw goes through that strip, it adds a self-sealing protection to.

How to Repair a Pontoon Leak | Gone Outdoors | Your Adventure . Small punctures and pinholes in pontoons might not be immediately noticeable, but . For areas with pinholes, mix putty with prepared epoxy sealer to a rollable.